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Crop insurance for Re 1… Government will spend so many crores if the crop is destroyed due to natural calamity

Fasal Beema Yojana: Today the whole world is facing the consequences of climate change. Its worst effect is on agriculture. Crops are getting damaged due to natural calamities like unseasonal rains, hailstorm, flood, drought. This is such a situation when the farmers themselves also get trapped in economic crisis. In India too, the ill effects of climate change are clearly visible. Last year, there was heavy crop loss in many states due to weather. Some similar situations were also seen in Maharashtra. To save the farmers from huge losses, the Maharashtra government had announced compensation, but now finding a permanent solution to this problem, the state government has announced to get crop insurance for Re 1.


Crop insurance will be available at Re 1 interest
Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana is being run in India to compensate for crop losses due to natural calamities. In this scheme, the farmer pays a fixed insurance premium for the protection of his crop.

In return for the loss, insurance companies as well as the central and state governments partially compensate the farmer, but now the Maharashtra government has announced an insurance scheme at the state level at an interest of Re 1. The maximum benefit of this will be given to those farmers, who do farming on small lands or cannot pay huge insurance premium.


State government will compensate
Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, 1.5 percent insurance premium has to be paid for Rabi crops, 2 percent for Kharif crops and 5 percent insurance premium for horticulture crops, but the Maharashtra government has now ended this concern as well.

State’s Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Devendra Fadnavis told that earlier 2 percent interest was charged on the insurance amount from the farmer who got the crop insurance scheme, but now the government is preparing to provide crop insurance for Re 1. In this scheme, Rs 3312 crore will be spent from the government exchequer.


The area of ​​natural farming will also increase in Maharashtra
Due to the increasing use of chemicals in agriculture, not only the fertility of the soil is getting weaker, but the agricultural products produced from chemicals are also affecting the health. That’s why now most of the state governments are adopting the model of natural farming.

In the new year’s budget, the Maharashtra government has also decided to bring 25 lakh hectares under natural farming in the next 3 years. Under this scheme, a target has also been set to establish 1000 bio-input resource centers in the state.


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