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Humans are just so close to re-growing severed hands and feet… Shocking revelation in the study

Regeneration Of Organs: Different types of creatures live in this world. Everyone has their own different specialties and abilities. There are some that can even grow back their severed limbs, like deer can grow their broken horns again and lizard can also grow its tail again. Have you ever wondered whether a person can regrow his severed hands and feet? At present the answer is ‘no’, but the day is not far when this work will also be possible. Yes, scientists say that humans are only one step away from achieving this ability. 

Scientists want to do this experiment

Actually, scientists want to try to put the cells that grow arms and legs into the human body. Deer’s body contains blastema cells that regenerate its antlers, which scientists want to use for the benefit of humans. 


An experiment on a rat resulted in the horns

How will it work on humans

It has been told in the study that by studying deer horns throughout the year, the process of their breakdown and regrowth is known. With this magnificent model, efforts can be made to re-develop human organs. According to the researchers, it is possible that blastema cells can regrow our bones and cartilages when injected into the human body. 


Why only deer were included in the study

As such, self-renewal cells are found in many mammalian organisms. For example, rats also have these types of cells, but deer are the only animal that uses them. It was found in the study that as soon as the antlers of the deer begin to fall, the blastema cells become active immediately. Once the horn has completely fallen off, the work of producing new horn begins. 

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