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Panic of H3N2 virus in Maharashtra! 119 people infected in the state, 2 died, know its symptoms

Maharashtra H3N2 Virus Update: Hardly anyone will forget the devastation of Corona in the country and the world. Corona has not even ended properly yet that the H3N2 virus has again increased everyone’s restlessness. H3N2 virus has started spreading in the country. This virus has killed two people in Maharashtra so far. That’s why people’s restlessness has increased. 119 cases of H3N2 and 324 of H1N1 have been reported in the state. At present, 73 people are undergoing treatment in the hospital.


health department alert
According to ABP Manjha, a few days ago in Ahmednagar the first patient died of H3N2, on the other hand in Pimpri Chinchwad a 73-year-old man died due to the same virus. The administration is on alert regarding the danger of H3N2. All health officials of the state have been instructed to conduct regular survey of patients regarding Covid and Influenza.

take care like this
At present, the number of patients of H3N2 virus has increased in Pune. In such a situation, people have been advised that patients should use masks, keep washing hands from time to time, avoid going to crowded places, take medicines as per doctor’s advice. If someone has got this virus, then he needs to be taken care of in the same way as he took care of when he was corona positive. So far 22 patients of H3N2 virus have been found in Pune.


Know what are its symptoms?
skin warm and moist
facial redness
moist eyes
Cold, body ache, cough without phlegm, headache

Be alert if these symptoms are seen in pregnant women
The symptoms of pregnant women with H3N2 virus infection are slightly different. Pregnant women should be careful and consult a doctor if fever persists for more than three days. Symptoms of H3N2 influenza in pregnant women include bronchitis, cough and cold, excessive phlegm, body aches, headache.


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