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People of Aries, Gemini, Aquarius will have to see ups and downs, know the weekly horoscope of all zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope 20-26 March 2023, Saptahik Rashifal: New week is starting, this week is very special. Astrology expert Dr. Aarti Dahiya knows for which zodiac signs this week will be special, as well as know a special remedy for each zodiac sign, know the horoscope of the whole week from Aries to Pisces (Saptahik Rashifal)-


Aries people may see some ups and downs this week. You can get some positive results. In the field of education, you will get good results this week, you will get success in this week. The arrival of money can be good during this time. This week you will need to understand that you should spend some time with the children of your house.
Remedy – Chant “Om Brihaspataye Namah” 21 times daily.


This week you need to take care of yourself regularly. Luck and fortune will favor you. Do not show haste in any work in this coming week, you will be benefited. Due to ill health, your pace of earning education may be hindered, which will You may have to bear the brunt in any upcoming exam. This week, students of your zodiac are advised not to be negligent towards their health. Along with this, to stay healthy, along with taking a balanced diet from time to time, you should also improve your daily routine. will be needed.
Remedies – Perform Havan/Yagya for Maa Lakshmi on Friday.

Gemini (Gemini)-
This week is going to be very good for women. Health of women is also going to be very good at this time. Your financial condition will be better. Money can come in this coming week. You can get support from family members this time. Because of which with their help and cooperation you will do even better. This week your friends and close relatives, supporting you at every step, will help you to overcome all kinds of financial difficulties.
Remedy – Chant “Om Budhay Namah” 41 times daily.


Cancer (Cancer)-
Maintain family peace this time. This week you will avoid negativity and positive energy will prevail this time. You will have good relations with your in-laws. Your planetary position will be good this week, which will benefit you. Students study You will get success during this. Save money and you can get further benefits this week.
Remedy- Perform Havan/Yagya for Maa Durga on Monday.

Lion (Leo)-
This week is going to be good for you. You will spend more on luxuries in this week. Do not postpone any work and do it as soon as possible, you will get benefit during this. This week is going to be less good for you than usual. You will be benefited. Your hard work and your efforts will be successful this time. Avoid thinking this time, which will benefit you and you will also get mental peace.
Remedy – Worship Lord Narasimha on Sunday.


Virgo (Virgo)-
This week you may have some health-related problems. You can help a lot in improving your future, which will benefit you. Maintain peace in the family, during this time your future will be safe. Your father’s behavior will affect you this week. Can trouble you. You will get the fruits of your hard work during this time.
Remedy – Chant “Om Rahave Namah” 40 times daily.

Libra (Libra)-
This week is going to be ups and downs for the people of Libra zodiac. You can get positive results in education this time. You can benefit during the conversation of any issue with the people of the house. This week the situation of discord in the house There may arise due to which a situation of tension may arise. You need to take care of yourself very much during this week.
Remedy – Chant “Om Shukray Namah” 33 times daily.


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Scorpio (Scorpio)-
From the point of view of health, this week is going to be very good for you, you will not have to face any major problem, take special care of this. A member of the house may have some health-related problem. Apart from studies, you can spend all your time for the fulfillment of your comforts.
Remedy- Chant “Om Bhaumaya Namah” 27 times daily.


Sagittarius (Sagittarius)-
This week you maintain family peace which will give you benefits. You will see many good changes in the field of education this week. This week you will make extra efforts to make family peace and improve your relations with the members. But despite this , you will not get the required support of members.
Remedy- Perform Yagya/Havan for Dev Guru Brihaspati on Thursday.

Capricorn (Capricorn)-
This time you can get a solution to the problem related to money. Not only will your family atmosphere be very good, but you will also feel relaxed. Some disputes may arise in relations with your siblings, friends, relatives and co-workers.
Remedy – Chant “Om Namah Shivay” 21 times daily.


Aquarius (Aquarius)-
Positivity will come to you this week. Keep yourself calm this week, you will get benefits. So avoid being overly dependent on others for any need, otherwise you will be in trouble later. In terms of career and profession, the people of your zodiac Will be able to get rid of his stress and every ups and downs in life this week.
Remedy- Do charity for disabled people on Saturdays.

Pisces (Pisces)-
You have to take care of your health in this week. Invest wisely so that you will be benefited. There will be some changes in education this week, which will give you a lot of benefits. You will get respect in this week. By the end of the week, there will be a good time for re-education and you will get good achievements.
Remedy- Donate to an old Brahmin on Thursday.


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