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The changing weather has increased the concern of the farmers… Heavy damage to the wheat crop in these areas, contact here

Crop Loss in Rain: Uncertainties have always dominated agriculture. Sudden change of weather causes damage to the crops, due to which economic crisis starts looming over the farmers. Last year itself, thousands of acres of crops were damaged due to the vagaries of the weather in the Kharif season. In February this year also, due to the sudden increase in temperature, the possibility of reducing the yield of wheat has arisen. Now in March, rain and hailstorm at many places have once again increased the worries of the farmers. In many areas of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, wheat crops are getting damaged due to rain, strong wind and hailstorm.


Wheat harvesting is going on in many areas, but seeing the changing weather, farmers have postponed harvesting. On one side, the harvested crops are getting destroyed lying in the field. The crops standing there are also bending due to strong wind.

Loss in wheat crop in Haryana

The change in the weather for the last 2 days has increased the worries of the farmers of Punjab and Haryana. In most of the districts of both the states, the wheat crops have been bent by the strong wind. Agricultural experts have advised the farmers to stop irrigation in the wheat crop now, because by doing so the chances of falling of the wheat crop increases. It is the time of strong wind and rain, so there will be no spraying of fungicide to prevent brown rust in the crop. It will automatically wash off with the rain.


Will wheat production really decrease

A few days ago, the Indian Meteorological Department had predicted strong winds, rain, lightning and hailstorm in most areas of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. At present, wheat is in the stage of ripening, so the possibility of reduction in wheat production has also increased in many places. If the situation worsens, then the production of wheat in the country may be less than the target. This will not only put the farmers in economic crisis, but will also affect the storage of wheat in the country.

Complain on crop loss

In case of crop damage due to rain, strong wind, hailstorm, lightning or other natural calamities, farmers of insured crops can call their insurance company and register a complaint. For this, you can download the Crop Insurance Mobile App issued under the PM Crop Insurance Scheme on your mobile. If you want, you will have to go to the office of the agriculture department of your district or the office of the insurance company and give a written complaint within 14 days. By doing this, the farmers will get partial compensation for the loss and they can avoid a big economic crisis.


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