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The world’s largest family lives in India, its members live in a 100-room house

Largest Family In The World: A small family is considered a happy family. But here we are going to tell you about the world’s largest family. Which is a very big family and this world’s biggest family lives in India. More than 180 members of this family live together in a house of 100 rooms. The number of men, women and children in this family is more than 180. At the time of elections, this family is given a lot of importance because the vote of this family is maximum.


total number of family members

The head of the household running the world’s largest family is known as ziona chana. According to a news, Ziona has 39 wives and has more than 90 children. Ziona’s family has many daughters-in-law and more than 30 grandchildren. If calculated, there are more than 180 members in Ziona Chana’s family.

where does this family live

Ziona Chana lives with a joint family in a very big house located in Batwang village of Mizoram. A total of 100 rooms have been built in the house of Ziona Chana and along with his sons, Ziona Chana works as a carpenter in the mountains.


How much food is prepared in this family

For this world’s largest family, there is also a big kitchen in the house made of 100 rooms, in which food is prepared for about 200 people. The women of the family start preparing food from morning itself. About 25 kg of pulses, 45 kg of rice, 30 to 40 chickens, 60 kg of vegetables and dozens of eggs are cooked in a day. This family of Giona Chana eats about 20 kg of fruits in a day. Normally a family can survive for two months with the same ration that Ziona Chana’s family cooks for one day.

Role of this family in elections

Whenever elections are held in Mizoram, this family plays the most important role. Due to this reason, a lot of importance is given to the family of Ziona Chana at the time of elections. It is believed that whichever party this family votes for, their victory is almost certain.


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