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This state is getting money to save water… Provision of up to 85% subsidy to farmers!

Water Harvesting Scheme: Effective use of water in agriculture is being promoted. For this, Per Drop More Crop scheme is being run in many states. You will be surprised to know that by irrigating with less water, production is getting many times more than cash and horticulture crops. Ground water crisis was also a big problem in many areas of the country, but now the micro irrigation model has overcome all these challenges. Adopting this irrigation method has now become even cheaper for the farmers. Under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana, the central government has made a provision of subsidy to farmers for installation of micro irrigation systems.


On the same lines, Haryana government is also giving subsidy to the farmers for adopting drip and sprinkler irrigation method and installing recharging borewells. The government believes that this will be of great help in saving and storing water. Due to this, the underground water level can also be recovered.

85% grant for micro irrigation

Most of the dependence for irrigation in agriculture remains on underground water. To maintain this, crops with high consumption of water are being discouraged. Instead, cultivation of horticulture crops is being encouraged.


Along with this, farmers are being given subsidy on recharging borewells for adopting micro irrigation model. At the Krishi Vikas Mela organized in Hisar, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar said that looking at the time, we need to reduce water consumption.

For this, drip and sprinkler irrigation will have to be adopted. It is cheap and convenient for the farmers, because the state government is also giving 85% subsidy to the farmers for adopting micro irrigation.


Target of 1,000 recharging borewells

Rain water harvesting is also being promoted in India to recover the falling ground water level. For this, the state government is planning to set up recharging borewells, so that rain water can be brought back to the ground. Farmers will have to spend Rs 25,000 for this work. The rest of the expenditure will be borne by the Haryana government.

how to apply

The Haryana government has made the process of application for recharging borewells online. If you are also a farmer of Haryana and want to install borewell for water harvesting in your field, then visit the website of Irrigation and Water Resources Department, Haryana You can apply by visiting. For more information, you can also take advantage by contacting the office of the Agriculture Department of your district.


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