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Why do I feel sleepy and lazy while studying? This is the scientific reason behind it

Reason of Sleeping During Study: Often children start feeling sleepy as soon as they open the books. This happens not only with children studying but also with adults. Often parents ignore this problem of children, but experts believe that it is necessary to pay attention to it. Experts say that whatever tips can be adopted to get rid of sleep, they should be implemented, otherwise this problem can also become the enemy of your memory.


pressure on the muscles of the eyes

Actually, while studying, there is more pressure on our eyes and the brain keeps on feeding the read like a computer memory. In such a situation, the muscles of the eyes start to relax and the brain starts refusing to work hard in a short time and we start feeling sleepy.

the body remains at rest

Another reason for falling asleep while studying is that most of our body is in a relaxed state while studying and only the eyes and brain are working. In such a situation, due to the relaxation of the whole body, the muscles start to relax and sleep comes. This is the reason why experts recommend sitting in one posture for reading.


This is why sleep comes even while traveling

When our body gets relaxed, it goes into sleeping posture. This happens not only while studying, but also while traveling in a car. You must have also seen people sleeping in the journey. The same science works behind this too. Even the drivers on the highway start feeling drowsy, because even during this time the mind and eyes work and the rest of the body remains comparatively relaxed.

What to do to not sleep?

  • For this, make sure that there should be good lighting in the place of study.
  • Outside air and light should reach the place of study, so that the freshness of the body remains with the outside air and light.
  • Never read while sitting in bed, instead practice reading on chair-table. With this, seeing the chair and table, your mind will be ready to study and will give up laziness.
  • Have a light meal before starting your studies so that you do not feel lethargic.

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